Website Update


I have finally taken the time needed to upgrade this website, and now I want to talk a little bit about it. There is no need to go into the finest of details, but still, I’d love to mention the tools that I’m using to make it all work.

Far too often, I have jumped from platform to platform trying to find the perfect one, but I have always been unhappy with the result. The platform I have tried to love over and over again has been WordPress, but in the end, I find myself trying to fix a dead relationship. It just isn’t going to work. So now and forever. It’s over WordPress. For me at least. I’m sure you can make other people happy, I’m just not one of them.

What I want from a website/blogging/portfolio platform is the ability to fine tune it to my needs. And with so many platforms out there, it’s just too much hard work.

Another thing that I have always spent too much time on is making the website look super good. And while that’s a cool thing and all. It just isn’t something I’m good at. So countless of hours have just gone down the drain because I always end up making something overly complicated and ugly. And then I go on and purchase a template that I fool myself into thinking I can put together for my needs. But now It’s just time to face the music and much rather than having a super good looking website that could win some awwward; I just need to focus on the content instead. After all, that’s what I want to display anyway. I’m not trying to get a design gig.

So, now we have this new beauty. I’m really happy with what I have so far, and although I’m not done, I feel like I can publish it. It has enough. Just know that I will keep on updating it.

So what am I doing differently this time around?

Back end

Although It’s been some time since I moved from any CMS, I think I should mention it. I have been using the static website engine Hugo for a while now, and I must say that it’s freaking amazing. I have tried and tested most static website generators out there and even started working on my own, but this one is just amazing. So if you havent checked it out, I reccomend that you do. It’s so customizable and easy to use.

Front end

Now for the front end, I’m using the super cool Low-Level CSS Toolkit Basscss. I just can’t describe properly how good this is. It’s the first CSS framework where everything just makes sense. I don’t have to check out the documentation every fifth element I’m trying to add a style to, because it’s so self-explanatory.


This is where the party starts for me. Again. I have been using this setup for a while, but I need to mention it. Just like most coders, I store my code on GitHub. And for hosting, I use Netlify. I could get by with the free tier of Netlify hosting, but I love it so much I’m paying for the basic tier.

One of the coolest things about Netlify is definitely the speed. It takes less than a minute for the site to be up after I push my code to git. And I failed to mention it, but all I have to do for hosting the website on Netlify is connecting my Netlify and Github accounts together. Select a repo I want to hook and start pushing my code.

The End

So yeah, that’s all I want to mention in this blog post, I’m very happy these tools exist and that they are so easy to use. Two other things I think is fair to mention though is that I have added a Games section and I have removed the tutorials section.

I’m finally turning this into a portfolio rather than a “Whatever.” The reason I’m removing the tutorials is that I don’t feel like keeping them up to date, and they are already a few versions behind.

Thank you for reading this if you lasted this long, if not. That’s cool too.