Learning to Draw – Pt. 1

I have always wanted to be able to draw anything that pops up in my head. I’m always getting new ideas for games and characters, but I have never been able to explain how I want them to look properly. That’s when the ability to draw would be great to have.

Today I had an idea about a crab-man character. That I thought would be kind of funny. So I picked up a pen, and I started drawing.

This is the result.

Yeh, It’s not great. And It’s definitely not funny.

I don’t know why I have never put in some real effort into learning how to draw, but now I’ve had enough of my procrastinating self! And I’m going to learn!

So my first step in learning to draw is to take a course. So I paid for one and I have already started!

I just finished my first lecture, where I had to follow along and draw an eye as best as I can. The reason for drawing an eye in the first lesson is to see how “good” I am at drawing right now. And at the end of the course. I have to draw another eye to see the improvement.

Here is my eye after I had sketched out the basics. (Part one of the lecture)

And here is the eye after adding some details. (Part two of the lecture)

It’s not the best, but I must admit that I’m pretty happy with it and I can’t wait to see the progress I’m going to make.

I’m going to write a new post after each lecture of my progress. That way I might go through with it instead of giving up haha.

Thank you for reading!